Policy Documents


Policy Document: Energy

The current level of energy consumption in Switzerland is unsustainable: we are consuming more energy than we are able to produce from renewable sources. In many places, energy is consumed inefficiently and unnecessarily, so that the harm done to the environment and the risks to which we expose ourselves are much higher than necessary. What is more, the import of oil and gas (and in part uranium) makes us dependent on world regions which are politically unstable.

The challenges brought about by climate change, shortage of resources and increasing pollution force us to adopt more efficient consumption habits and new ways of production. We as Green Liberals regards this development as an opportunity for Switzerland to make Her mark as a technological innovator in the industrial and energy sectors, to adopt the role of a pioneer on the international level and to limit at the same time the risks inherent in our current methods of production.

The Green Liberals invite all decision-makers to fight for the establishment of true costs and transparency:  life cycles of products and energy forms have to be taken into account in a comprehensive way. The information has to be fully transparent and the prices have to reflect reality. For the Green Liberals, this approach corresponds to a particular urgency in the nuclear sector, which currently benefits from hidden subsidies (unsolved waste problem and lack of insurance in case of an incident).

The Green Liberals advocate for energy efficiency incentives and energy saving as well as support for renewable energy. Combined with standards corresponding to the latest evolutions in the field, financial incentives in the form of tax incentives, bonus/malus systems and fiscal measures allow the transition to an ecological, economical and safe energy supply. Given the limited supply of resources, it is advisable to rely on quality rather than quantity with respect to both production and consumption. Increased transparency and awareness raising to environmental questions help consumers to make informed decisions.

Energy savings have to ensure that the electricity production capacities which will disappear in the next years will not have to be replaced. A new nuclear facility will thus be unnecessary.

The Green Liberals stand behind the concept of a 2000-watt society and support measures in the direction of this goal. As the Swiss Federal Office of Energy has shown with its scenario IV, this objective is realistic by the year 2100 under the condition that it is pursued without delay. The Green Liberals will support the necessary measures on all levels.

Policy Document: Electric Mobility

Mobility is an important basis of a modern society. It has a deep impact on the economy, everyday life and spare time and forms an integral part of our sense of freedom. On the downside, mobility requires a lot of resources, energy and land. It affects our quality of life in the form of traffic dangers, noise and emissions.

The Green Liberals support a "measured" mobility which respects a sensible use of natural resources and the soil. In the first instance, land use planning ought to reduce mobility. Secondly, traffic should shift to smaller vehicles as well as more efficient and public transport. Given the urgent need to act in the area of mobility, the substitution of diesel and petrol engines should be approached rapidly. Electric mobility is rightly regarded as a central element in the transition to more sustainable mobility. Electric vehicles, namely, are more economical, can be powered by renewable energy and reduce noise and emissions as well.

A transition of the Swiss traffic system to electric mobility, especially motorised private transport, supports the Swiss goal of reducing CO2 emissions and has further beneficial effects on the Swiss economy. This policy document informs about advantages of such a strategy, Green Liberal proposals and possible measures within the field.