What we Stand for


Guidelines of the Green Liberal Party

For the Present, but also the Future

From our perspective, politics are a comprehensive tool to exert influence on our society. In everything we do, sustainability is a key factor. Social, economic and ecological goals have to be taken into account in a balanced way. The basis for such a policy is an innovative and sustainable market economy, a lively democracy, a responsible attitude toward the environment as well as a tolerant and solidary society.

A sound environment and healthy finances are the basis for the maintenance of our wealth. Our mission is to preserve this basis for our way of living for future generations by relying on sustainable development. We endeavour not to leave an ecological or financial burden to our descendants so that they are able to live up to their full potential as well. Whenever possible, incentives, rather than legal requirements and prohibitions, are the preferable tool to reach this goal. We commit to the preservation of biodiversity, which is an economic necessity.

The Green Liberals stand for a pluralistic society in which individual freedom and personal responsibility are held in high regard. This freedom shall only be restricted if the freedom of others is curtailed or if they are threatened to be harmed. Government's role is not to tell people how they ought to live, but to adopt a neutral stance toward all world views insofar as they are compatible with the rule-of-law-principle. Equal treatment of women and men as well as all family models and lifestyles are a matter of course and have to be ascertained. There is no place for discrimination and racism in our society.

We stand for the Swiss system of direct democracy and the Swiss federal state which does justice to the plurality of cultures and languages in our country. Basic rights and international law are binding. Green Liberal policies are fact oriented. Solutions are more important than partisan politics based on a traditional left-wing/right-wing divide. Our policies shall be in everyone's interest rather than favouring special interest groups if they pursue goals which run counter to the common good. Committed to shaping our future, we are convinced that prosperity, progress, a sound environment and a liberal legal system are compatible.